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04/27/2012 07:50 AM

My story

khemmingPosts: 24
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I'm a 17 year old girl who has had chronic headaches since 2007. I'm now 5 years into this and no one has been doing anything. If there is any youth out there that I could talk to about chronic pain and how you deal with school. Id really appreciate it.

I just recently missed out of 5 months of school,and I'm in grade 11 planning to go to university in 2013. On my daily pain scale I'm at a 9 every day. I can usually go to school, for 6 hours a day, then I come home and go to bed. It's hard to deal with all of this problems being a teenager.. Is there any treatment ideas people have tried/ helped?

I've been on LOADS of drugs... Im currently on 100 mg of amitryptline (spelling?) and coming off propranol(spelling?) because it doesn't work.....

Sad Sad

I'm just so tired of my parents suffering and having to deal with my pain.

just need someone to talk to that has some experience on what's going on... because I'm just so tired of thisSad

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