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06/11/2013 08:12 AM

What meds (or anything) work for a daily headache??

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I have tried everything on the planet it seems like. I have had headaches for many years and in the past 2 years or so I have had a headache everyday. For the past 9 months I got to the point where I was taking meds daily including opiates. My tolerance just grew and grew and things just spiraled worse and worse and the headaches just got worse and worse - so now no more opiates. But I doubt I was just getting rebound headaches because now that I am off all narcotics and I STILL get a terrible headache everyday. I know I can't take aspirin / Tylenol / advil / more than 2x a week or risk rebound headaches (and again these meds have limited usefulness for my level of pain). Triptans work only a little and for a short time and I can only get 10 or 12 a month. Naproxen I am told by my Neuro won't cause rebound but taking very much will eat a hole thru your stomach and it doesn't do much good anyway. The narcotics did work - I will say that but I just kept having to up the dosage and I hit a wall. So I am at a complete loss - I have a very stressful and intensive job that takes much focus - one where if I make a mistake due to a migraine/sever headache my client's lives can be at risk. I do eat fairly well - exercise ok - do some biofeedback - some acupuncture - stress reduction breathing and massages - ask for help when I need it, etc - I think I am doing everything "right" - So I am at a serious loss as to what to do and so is my neurologist. Having this level of pain this frequently simply isn't an option - but what other options are there? I need help. Thank you for any replies.

06/11/2013 12:44 PM
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I'm really sorry you're suffering so much. I know that headaches can be SO debilitating! Sad

Wish I had a magic wand- I'd wave it, and we'd all feel a lot better. Wink

I don't have much more advice to offer. Just the B-2, which you say you're already taking. Maybe increase the amount? And, have you tried Magnesium?


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