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11/17/2011 05:12 PM


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OOPPSSS Heading should have read what Dr should i find to treat CFS. I have a 15 year old who had mono almost 2 years ago and for a 2nd & 3rd time showed up in labs. Also tested for lyme positive but in new york state if you don't have the bulls eye they don't record it. Lyme test was back in oct 2011. She missed school part time from feb to june then went 1 full day in sept. and has gone down hill from there. We had the normal run around for symptoms and now she was taken out of school since nov. 1 although she never really attened because she was at dr. after dr. Her fatigued is so bad that she uses crutches for support to walk or crawls around the house if i can't support her. Started physical theropy to get her leg muscles back in shape some. They ruled out major diseases but after researching the CFS i am 99% sure she has it but i know her dr won't put it on paper. I am looking hard for some one that can halp me in the direction of some medical field Dr that might begin to work with her. She would love to be like a kid again and be with friends. We are in the Syracuse -- Utica new york area.

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12/08/2011 04:30 AM
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This seems horrible. Be strong and fight for the diagnosis.!!!! Hey, I'm a lawyer who stopped being a lawyer because of all the shit happening.

No problem with me being channelled in Canada.


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