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09/07/2012 03:16 PM

Post-exertion malaise...

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I have just learned what post-exertion malaise is. I exercised intensely a couple days ago and have been very sick with my CFS. In fact, the worst flare-up I've ever had. The migraine alone is making me feel crazy, but I have many symptoms on top of that. I see a new doctor on Monday because I just moved. I have no idea what her take is on CFS. I'm a bit concerned. I just know that I'm so symptomatic right that if she doesn't believe me now, she never will. Can any of you tell me your experience with the post-exertion malaise? I had no idea I was hurting myself at the time.

09/07/2012 03:29 PM
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Hello mbp, Fabulous to see you have joined us first of all- a warm welcome here Smile! Heart feels for you that you have CFS as a challenge too plus that you are having a tough time of it at the moment, truly! Hope the doctor you will see on Monday will be empathic to CFS- maybe she will surprise you in a good way, too!!

Have tried several types of exercises even gentle ones in water yet none so far seem to help- in fact they have all made my symptoms more severe- do think it varies so greatly between cfs ci's (challenged individuals) as some respond positively to gentle exercises whereas others like myself it is not good at all.

You have migraines too- snap, in fact my migraines pre date the CFS by quite a few years- so can identify with you plus empathise with you, most definitely!!

Sure hope your pains ease up soon as well as the migraine swiftly passes.

You said you exercised intensely- the word intensely think is the key- if you are going to exercise then you need to go very slowly then only build up if you can- listen to your body talk!!

Hope you get some much needed relief soon. In the meantime please pace your good self plus go easy on you!!

Warm welcoming hugs to you, love Clarita SmileSilly

( away on vacation from 11th - 18th September so will be offline for this duration as will be in Malta plus going technology free)


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