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06/14/2008 06:19 PM

what do you all do????

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Hi everyone needless to say I am in a really bad flare sicker then I have felt in quite a while even my eye lid is swelled up (new to me) my face felt tingly which had went away but its back, muscles knotted, muscle twitching, shaky, electric currents running through the body you name it I feel it today and down flat ( thank goodness for laptops) What do you do to help get these flares to calm down???????? Thought I was on my way to the ER earlier this is crazy.

06/15/2008 04:19 AM
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That hasn't happened to me in a while, in that capacity, but I would take a gabapentin..(neurontin generic) you should ask your doc for that for when you get a flare like this, or something equivalent. It's becaue of the stress your going through, so trying to put your head ina different place would help also, although I know it's hard when your going through what you are, but meditation can be a wonderful thing.

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