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07/26/2011 07:05 PM

so upset

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I just found out two days ago I have chlamydia I broke into tears. It could've been one of two people. I always got tested just to be safe everytime I went to the doctor. I just got tested three months ago and I did not have it, but obviously now I do. My one partner its complicated with I care about him alot, but he's not my boyfriend. The other person I had sex with was one time and a huge mistake, it was protected. I dont understand how I got it, but I know its curable. The thing that hurts me the worst is I gave it to the one I care about alot. I wish I could take it away from him, and i'm really worried he will hate me forever. I dont know how to deal with this I never thought this could happen to me I been crying almost everyday since I found out and I even went to my doctor to get advice. Sad

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