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04/11/2010 02:47 AM

Emotional Shut Down a poem


Emotional shut-down May 93'

Let's play a game,

learned very well,

where good little children,

are sent to hell.

Let's play fair,

I want to win,

they taught me evil,

Inside their cabin.

I bet you money,

the gun's not loaded,

I woke up before,

I wasn't exploded.

Now you be six,

and so will I,

tied up to trees,

but don't dare cry.

It's russian roulette,

the chambers, the smells, the clicks,

I pass out,

they got their licks.

Die or survive,

pass out from white fear,

They teach me emotional shut-down,

then they laugh and they sneer.

They live in this world,

they'll use your child,

if blind eyes, blind you,

the kid will grow wild.

So see how I've learned,

this game so well.

Mommy had fun,

while they taught me their hell.

Now, you be 30,

that's where I am now.

But flashbacks, flashback,

two year's old,

pow, pow, pow.

Now Daddy's gone,

I'm only two,she's letting him die,

she always laughs,

everytime I cry.

Can we pick a person

to blame,

for making me President,

of the Hall of Shame.

Who'll get the credit,

I'll donate today,

where venom can't live,

in my world, to stay.

It's 69', get the picture,

they missed nam, the U.S. is my homebase.

But they gave me their guns,

in every orifice and my face.

Roaming to safety,

BillyJack said can't be found. (BillyJack a 71'movie)

That line scares me,

cause my angers tightly wound.

So show me the heaven,

they say is here on earth.

Let "ME", decide, to believe you,

"ME", deciding your worth.

I was taught by the best,

the best of the bad-

emotional shut-down,

the lone she-wolf, oh, so, sad...

(wails of crying)

Child's voice now speaks:

Please paint me a picture,

with softness and strength.

So I grow tall.

That she-wolf scares me,

no love for her.

Let her learn how to dial,

to call.

She needs help,

and I am too little.

But I know what I know,

her heart shell's quite brittle.

Can you see her eyes,

I turn away,

Cause they make me cry,

should I look where her eyes stray.

Her name is Donna,

and she's just my size.

Old souls are made from pain.

Her pain made her wise.

I think I see a sparkle igniting!!!!

Just now!!! In her eyes!!!

Oh, God, I love you,

You said if I pray,

You'd help Little Donna's

pain go away!!!

She's laughing and singing,

there's "People" around,

she's not hiding,

from the branches in which she's swinging!!!

Oh, God, I love you,

so much more then before,

cause she conquered the battle,

and got up from the floor.

She's dancing and leaping,

she loves you, she loves me,

she's our's for the keeping.

tightly in your arms God.

dlj aka Donna-Lynne Jordan

(child's voice was my inner child, who rules mostly)


04/15/2010 07:19 AM
Posts: 2805
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I'm an Advocate

Thank you, Donna, for that poem. You have got some talent. For you to have come through so much, you are so very strong. Be proud of that, my dear. You're awesome!!!

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