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12/10/2008 04:34 PM


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Thank you all for maintaining this important group.

The reason I am here is that BKWRM398 told me about this group. I realized through her that I am actually a caregiver even though I care for myself.

In January of 2004, I had a liver transplant and thank Gd I'm doing well. In order to maintain my health, I have to take certain meds at certain times and I have to get blood tests at certain times to determine various levels for blood values such as albumen, tacrolimus, and other unfamiliar categories.

To take those meds and watch my food intake and to be careful with various times of the day and dates of the month as well as exercise and doctor's visits and followups, I have to take care of myself to meet those needs.

However, there are pleanty of people who are working very hard to be caregivers for others in their family and community.

Thank you to all caregivers for helping others in so many ways.


12/10/2008 06:37 PM
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Hi Abbe (*waving*),

I'm glad you came to check out the Caregiver's GroupSmile! You know, caring for your own needs (when they are so numerous) can definitely be as stressful as caring for the needs of others....which you also do by helping your wife control her diabetes and by helping your daughter.

I'm thankful that you've been doing so well after your liver transplant:-D! Just jump right in and make yourself at home here. I look forward to getting to know you betterSmile.

12/11/2008 03:28 AM
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Thank you!

I hope to be more active and helpful.

Have a great day!


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