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03/18/2012 08:09 PM


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What do you do when the patient is totally apathetic? This is nothing new, my mother has done virtually nothing since her last serious bleed in 2003 to be well. But now it is even worse since her latest hospital stay, She got home 3/1/12 and we have been having bad bouts with HE (she has ESLD- end stage liver disease, and the many complications and side affects thereof)

She really has given up, she spends her days like a zombie half looking at the tv or laying in bed staring at the ceiling...she is sort of agreeable when i ask her things or tell her what we need to do, but then she does whatever she has in her head to do anyways regardless of what I say.

She leaves her walker everywhere and with her terrible balance it is only a matter of time before she falls and hurts herself. She has fallen about 10 times or maybe more since being home from the hospital...just so frustrating to care for someone who doesn't or isn't able to give a shit...

I bath her 2x a day at least and have to clean up toilet mess several times a day, we use depends but she tries to do things without me and makes a big mess, I ask her not to and she does, she uses new depends like toilet paper, so i have to put them up...she is on lactulose, so it is doing what it is supposed to do, she can feed herself, the little bit she will eat. but that is really it.

My mom has issues, always has. She never dealt with them, EVER. I don't even know her hardly and I am her only child. Makes me sad. ok, I guess that is my vent for now...I know she is sick and confused...but this caregiver stuff sucks big time. I have doing this on and off since 2003, just depending on her HE status at the time. I think she may not come back anymore mentally. Sign...I am just tired I guess.

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