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05/22/2009 11:27 AM

Lufenuron against Candida

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I see that the Candida group is very small and this treatment group is even smaller, so I decided to become a member just to tell my story - how I managed my Candida (I am still not fully cured).

I have chronic Lyme disease and have been on antibiotics for 9 years. The majority of that time I have been self-medicating with a variety of antibiotics. Because I was chronicly fatigued, I neglected my personal hygiene, at lots of high GI food and did not brush my teeth often.

The result was chronic tongue thrush that finally escalated into a kind of "systemic" candida, I got a huge fever - I thought I would die. Then I had very worrying symptoms in the lungs, intestine, eyes, mouth that I will not talk about now Smile

Even then, the doctors didn't taken me seriously, so I had a friend from Poland send me Fluconazole, which helped but was outrageously expensive- even paying Polish prices.

After that I found a Danish expat in Thailand to send me thai antifungals like itraconazole, because the Candida became quickly resistant against the fluco.

Now here is the good news: Some months ago I found a site that was selling Lufenuron, a powder that is an over-the-counter veterinarian anti-flea remedy, but doubles as an allegedly safe candida-killer. It works by preventing the candida cell wall from being strong - it blocks Chitin, the same way the fleas die, the candida dies. I did not know candida has chitin, but it seems like research pays off Smile

This site is not there anymore (at least I can't find it, it says "404"Wink but it was run by a nutritionist named Sarah Vaughter. She was selling Lufenuron for much less than the price in the pet shop. What happened to me when I took it is that after less than a week I had incredible die-off symptoms, and I improved ever since.

Instead of very scary candida symptoms (I felt it wass in my lungs and I bled from my rear, I had floppy lips that did not spring back quickly when I pulled them, mouth sores, genital sores, eye irritation etc. etc.), I now have no symptoms whatsoever EXCEPT when I suffered from lack of sleep, or when I neglect my personal hygiene. Then I get minor sores that clear up after about 5 days.

So these are my 2 cents, do with it what you want Smile

If you have no alternative you could buy Lufenuron from a Vet but it would cost several hundred dollars that way - better is to find that nutritionist - OK I'm googling now..

her site is and from there it links to that site they sell the lufenuron from.

Highly recommended, but I don't know if I will get worse of course.


10/07/2009 01:22 PM
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wow what an incredible story,i must admit at first i thought omg is that stuff safe! but i did look it up on google and looks like you stumbled on a real gem

i personally have had thrush on and off for 30 odd years

i couldn't tell you how many hours iv'e spent in doctors waiting rooms i have other health issues and take ammuno suppressants which of course leave me vunerable to candida,and as far as i have discovered over the years appears to be a secret pandemic of the modern world,which most of the medical profession don't like to confirm.

Now for the guilt i live in the uk and as such fluconnasol is free if your under a hospital doctor for treatment but because iv'e had so much of it ,it doesn't

work so well anymore and quite frankly i'm fed up with taking drugs. so i'm on a mission for a holistic cure anyone out there found the holy grail of candida cure speak now,

i'm glad you found something that works for you

12/04/2009 07:06 PM

Interesting story...I, too, am looking for a holistic cure but will keep this in mind!

What I find more interesting, is the fact that your hygiene suffered so greatly with candida... I'm personally suffering from a host of ills that I think were all brought on by candida...

PM me if you get this post. I would like to find out more about your symptoms!

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