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04/04/2012 08:48 AM

Standing Up To Bullies

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What's the best way to stand up to a bully, especially if they are a member of your own family?

Here is an article I read about family members bullying?

"Bullying family

by: Anonymous

I've grown up in a familly where I am constantly put down by my mum and both parents seem to enjoy making my life even more difficult than it already is. The problem is actually deep jealousy and selfish behaviour.

One example is when I just turned 20 and I finished at college; my dad started his physical attack on me by poking me in the head over a spare plate of food. My dad never takes extra food on a saturday.....and after watching me eat it....he decided he would teach me a lesson for eating food im supposed to eat.

Things got worst as I got older when my dad started causing fights with me at christmas; and him and my mum purposly decided they would try and make me fail my first year at university. When it came to the day I needed a computer for my course work; my dad had this grin on his face and refused to fix it after promising."

************************************************************ ************

What does one do? How do we cope and deal with family bullies?

Remember that this is not your fault.

See if "killing" them with kindness helps.

Try assertive responses against the bully.

If all else fails, consider enlisting somebody's help.

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