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06/24/2011 01:05 AM


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I was trying to get into a out-patient treatment program that ran 4 hours for four days a week but they said because I B/P three times a day they can only take me for inpatient. But I don't really want to because I feel like it'll disrupt my life and that intensive therapy will be enough for me. Do you guys have any suggestions/opinions/experiances to help me decided?

08/20/2012 08:48 PM
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I spent a month in inpatient therapy and it changed my life. It's a lot easier to not have the option to throw up with nurses watching you 24/7. It's definitely frustrating and at times I really wanted to just walk out of there, but it was worth it. I learned so much about myself there and it was nice being around people who were in the same boat. I think some of my best therapy sessions were just lying in bed talking with my roommate at night.

I hope you get the help you need. It's not going to be easy no matter what path you choose. Do what you have to to get better. Smile

09/06/2012 11:31 AM
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It can be very beneficial to be in a residential program, especially if you b/p three times a day. Be careful where you go through...just do your research and make sure the care is going to be something you feel hopeful about.

I was in residential briefly (couldn't stay the whole program because of an insurance issue) and had a really good experience with it. It really helps you break the cycle you're in. You have no choice but to face the problem behaviors head-on.

But I have heard horror stories about certain treatment centers. At the treatment I went to, there were girls who had been to other places that had very negative influences on them and they had relapsed. It is really beneficial to go through it all with others who are in the same boat, especially if they are supportive.


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