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02/23/2011 02:42 PM

weight gain or loss after you stop purging?(page 5)


When I stopped purging I stopped bingeing because there was no way I was going to binge if I couldn't purge. But the B/P was putting weight on me. So my dietician helped me and I am now a lot thinner than I was when I was purging. Your metabolism will return to normal and if you eat 6 small meals a day that are manageable and are not trigger foods, then you never starve your body or give it unnecessary sugar rushes. I never would have believed it but it's true!

Today's was a small binge but I had been on such a role with losing weight that this will really upset me but I am trying unsuccessfully to not think about it. I had to take 2 anxiety pills already and they aren't helping. I am just going to stay out of the kitchen now and start fresh tomorrow. Easier said than done, but that's what I'm going to make myself do!


02/23/2011 02:49 PM
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Yeah.. im a bit anxious too

before i was ever bulimic i was somewhat anorexic

it started out as a diet... it progressed

i ate less and less until i was eating around 300 calories a day- then cross country season started and i wanted to run so i ate more

i stayed alright for awhile but in october the binging and purging cycle began becasue i was ashamed

the binges grew until i was eatign amounts that i didnt know a human could consume in one sitting- then i had to throw it up

Now im trying to go basically back to my anorexia but not quite- 600 cals a day? which i know is wrong and unhealthy but its more like a crash diet than anorexia because as soon as i get down to a good size ill consult my doctor on how to eat healthy to maintain my weight

I gained 10 lbs in one week... and it was when i stopped all of my bulimic habits- i need to get thin

i will rest today- forgive myself for overeating and start fresh tomorrow

02/23/2011 03:21 PM

Losing too much weight too fast causes it to rebound and come on faster. It also causes your body to use up bone mass and muscle mass so you aren't doing any good restricting so much. I am just being honest. And our brains need tons of energy to work properly.

Set your goals further apart and do it the healthy way if you want to be healthy and look good for a long time.

02/23/2011 03:37 PM
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well u shouldnt worry Sad im not losing it- i feel soooo fat

02/23/2011 04:14 PM
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im realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy depressed.. and im becoming nearly obsessed with typing every single thing i feel on here... pathetic

02/24/2011 02:04 AM

Hey, no problem we are here for you. You don't need to go through this alone. If you want you can also write in your diary and we can read that too. Whatever you are comfortable with. Have considered any anti-depressants? Life is also depressing when all we focus on is weight. Things will get better if you want to make a change. Hang in there.

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02/28/2011 11:58 AM
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Hi there,

I was bulimic for many years and I know for the past 2 I've tried to lose 10 pounds while I binged an purged about 2-4 times almost every day. I quit completely 5 weeks ago and am eating 3 small healthy meals and snacks each day and lost 9 pounds. My metabolism is now on track and I feel great.:

02/28/2011 02:24 PM

That's amazing! It does feel so good to return to normal--Bulimia is just so abusive. I don't know how I did that to myself for soooo many years. I thank everyday that I am not b/p anymore--even though I think about it a lot. If I do it once in a while I get really wiped out for a full day. So it deters me from getting back into it...but there are always those slips....

01/04/2013 04:22 PM
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Anne, that is awesome!

I just found this place Googling 'gaining after stopping purging' because I was looking for a way to prevent getting too much of that temp. water weight. So... how come you're not getting any (you are so 'lucky'!)?

04/08/2013 04:11 AM
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I've just started my recovery from Bulimia. I am 24 years old and 155cm (5foot1) and have been bulimic for about 19 months. I started out at 50kg and went down to I never lost that much weight. I would purge little things throughout the day...probably only have a big b/p maybe a few times a month.

I'm on day 8 of my recovery, and I don't have any cravings. I'm eating the correct amount of calories for me, plus keepig up with my regular cardio exercises (I run for about 40 minutes, 3x/week).

My weight has bumped up from 48kg to 50kg within the past week, and I've been having really painful, terrible bloating, both water retention and gas I think.

I'm really nervous about the recovery weight gain...I've read a quite a few forums and I think I might cry if I go up 5-10kgs...I'm not very tall, that would be a huge expansion very quickly.

My question is, how much do people typically gain (if you're weight didn't drop too much away from your norm)and how long until I can expect to not have to deal with this horrible bloating...

Should I be drinking lots of water to try and flush it out?


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