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06/27/2009 09:15 AM


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Hi ladies,

I'm back after a long while. I was into dieting and exercises. I manage to drop 12 pounds and now at 5'4", im 105 pounds. But what started as a healthy eating trial, which i enjoyed and embraced with a healthy mindset, spiralled now into bulimia again. because im starting to feel deprived. Im starting to binge and purge again to want to feel satified and at the same time stayt at 105 lbs. I know gradually i will still gain if i continue to binge and purge instead of eating a balance diet.

i didnt know how i got to this....i guessed i was trying to please a guy i liked an dnow that he had rejected me, i don feel loved again. but then i feel the pressure of upkeeping this new found 'pretty' image i have won among my colleagues and friends.

I was not overweight in the first place. at 5'4" i was around 118 lbs? maybe slightly flabby from lack of exercise but not fat i think. i can fit in size 10.

Help me to put proper perspectives into my tormented mind now? I want to look better but in a way not too deprived. im at my wit's ends. don't think i have any in the first place

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06/27/2009 11:31 AM
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Well I think you tried a healthy way to maintain weight but we can't deprive ourselves like you said. Eventually we cave whether we have and ED or not. But I think this needs to be for you and has to be healthy. Guys come and go, if you rely on changing to their standards you lose yourself. You are a strong person and I know you will get back on track. For me staying around the group even when I am good helps. If you need anything at all feel free to messge me. Hugs darlin'!

07/03/2009 08:00 AM
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Pixiedust is right! Men are not worth it, live for yourself and you'll be surprised at what comes along!

07/03/2009 11:39 AM
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FNG, Yeah, we've all done that! When we are really busy pleasing one guy, we miss out on the guys who would have loved us for ourselves. It's so cool that you could admit exactly what it was that put you over the edge. Alot of people would have been too proud to say what you did but that's the kind of honesty that gains us abstinence. You'd laugh if I told you my stories about my relationships with men. And now that I look back I'm like what was I thinking!! There's not one that I'd take back even if they begged me on their knees. I was single for ten years while I was in school and a single mom and God was the best husband I ever had! I love my husband but he doesn't compare to the miracles that God sent my way while single. Have a great 4th of July!!

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