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05/16/2012 11:28 AM

Admitting a problem=step foward (I hope)

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Íts my first time on this site..Ive had bulimia from 16-30 (ongoing) Seen some professionals in the area when I admitted it to my folks 5 years ago..but just lied, pretended to take advice, wasnt really ready to get better..guess was just sick of it being hidden but now Im looking for help on my own Reading a quote by someone on this site saying 'Do I be have or Hog in and get rid of it'sums up my thinking to a T..I have 'safe foods'but if I eat one bite over my 'limit'or a food not on the list..its all over-I may as well eat everything there is cause its all comming up later anyway. I HATE feeling like this. Its ruined relationships when I try to be I be more secreative..Ive really tried and when I go a few das without purging..I know I should feel good but I just feel disgusting about all the food I have inside me and the cycle starts off worse than before..I could keep writing about how I feel for ages because it is constantly taking over my thoughts..I feel terrible to be this self obsessed when there are so many other people out there with real problems that they arent bringing on themselves..Ive had no major upsets of feelings Im trying to supress..Ive just got into an addictive cycle and cant find a way out! Any help would be greatfully accepted. I want to get back to a normal life..whatever that is!

05/16/2012 11:39 AM

I am sorry you are suffering so much but I can fully identify with you. If you are serious about getting help now, I strongly recommend that you find a therapist and a good dietician who works with people who have bulimia. Those helped me a lot. Emotionally, it's been helpful to post here too and not be criticized for my eating disorder.

05/17/2012 02:20 AM
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Welcome to our group, I'm so happy you found us! It is always amazing to me when I read the posts how similar we are with our eating disorders. I loved your comment about getting to normal... whatever that is? this statement really touches home with me, because even before the bulemia I was preoccupied with weight, food, fat. I actually believe MOST people are, we are just the unfortunate who have pushed it to a whole other levelSad Like many diseases I believe we can control this, though I do not think it can really be cured, because it is emotionally based. I think the anxiety associated with it needs to be dealt with. It would be wonderful to have a quick fix and be done, but this is something that we all need to work on and take a day at a time. Please continue to share with us, and make today a fresh start.

05/27/2012 06:20 AM
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Thank you for your honesty. I know how hard to "break" the cycle is. Even when we don't have any "big" stuff going on, it's the little day to day stressors that are triggers. I would also highly recommend finding a therapist. Also, I just went on celexa and WISH I had gotten on it years ago. The urge to binge has diminished drastically because I am having so much fun with my family and the OCD thinking is better. I mean, it's not perfect, but it helps..and hey, if drugs help, then why not??! Smile

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