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08/31/2011 06:54 PM

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I'm bulimic. And its about time to do something about it.

I've been bulimic for over a year now, and it is moronic. I am a biologist and know how ridiculous this is! That just goes to show that no matter how educated you are in something, disorders can have the best of you. I know my choices are stupid, I know I'm killing myself, but I just can't say no!

Here's to trying to fight myself. Cheers!


08/31/2011 11:04 PM
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i feel your pain......I have been bulimic for 18 years, have seen every kind of therapist out there and came to the conclusion. I am the only one who has the choice to stop and not any amount of strategies or techniques that a therapist can give me will make me change unless i want too and stop. I guess it is my way of comforting myself and a coping mechanism. I too can't say no. Sad If you or anyone can figure it out please share!

09/01/2011 02:11 AM

Eliz...Do you know how it started? Was there a lot of stress going on? What is helping me now is from a book I about my relationship with food. I've heard it all before, I am a well educated person too, but it's true that we have to just get fed up with this disease and ask ourselves "Is this really the life I want for myself?" I said "Absolutely now" After many years of being Bulimic then recovering then this recent I am determined to feel my feelings/emotions and ride out the urges. It gets easier the longer you don't do it and when you realize that you are stronger than the ED.

09/02/2011 05:30 AM
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to think about do something about ur bulimia is the first step

you will be able to say no someday andi hope soon]

we all here struggle and fight to reach or goals

and the desire is what we need tostart

welcome u

09/07/2011 06:08 AM
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I also understand. Although I havent been bulimic for quite as long as that (only 8 months) i can no longer say no to the urges and addition. I hope that one day i'll be able to say no. but for now i cant and i cant seem to find the will power to stop. hugs to you all

09/07/2011 09:33 AM

After I had Bulimia/anorexia for 5 months I decided to get help as I couldn't control it and it was really scary--still is to a lesser degree. And I thought I would beat it in no time, but it is a powerful disease and hard to get over--but it is possible.

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