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07/04/2011 06:39 AM

To diet or not...?

b1234Posts: 128

Hi everyone..soo I just have a question and would like some input. I can go a long time without b/p but then all of a sudden it becomes too much and I start craving things and I end up relapsing. Before this last relapse I thought I was going to be relapse free for a really long time because I was feeling very confident. I have a therapist and have tried various things to help with recovery but what I am wondering is I am always on a diet and probably restricting calories more than I should be. I am wondering if this is what sets me up for my b/p...does anyone else struggle with this?? I don't want to stop dieting but at the same time if I don't stop I think I will continue to relapse which I definitely don't want...Sad Any advice?

07/04/2011 08:12 AM
Posts: 440

Oh man..dieting is what started my ED. If you are always dieting (ie focusing on food, cals, etc) you are bound to relapse. You need to stop dieting and just focus on everything in moderation (: I should really follow my own advice (:

07/05/2011 03:22 AM

Restricting 100% sets you up for a B/P. What helps me is allowing small bits of foods I crave into my diet so that I don't feel like I have to binge on them. I hope this helps. Also, our bodies may not want to lose more weight and so it may send signals to binge/over-eat.

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