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11/30/2009 04:31 PM

there is 2 extremes going on with me.

itsamPosts: 19

either i binge and purge to the extreme, or i have days like today where im shaking because ive only had 400 calories and ran 45 minutes on a tredmill. theres no in between, honestly though as sick as it seems im so proud of myself for today. the fact that i had so much restraint makes me so happy. i know its not good but at the same time i think its awesome. i cant seem to make a happy medium.

11/30/2009 04:53 PM
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That's pretty typical of bulimic behavior. It's all about feeling in control of our weight because we feel out of control in other areas of our life. Do you know where it is that you feel out of control? Or what feelings or thoughts are triggering your disease? I must sound like a broken record because I ask about emotions alot but that's what causes our disease so it's important to work at discovering what those are.

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12/02/2009 01:39 PM
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Itsam, I know that exact feeling! When I eat very little, work out, and have that empty feeling in my stomach, I feel powerful. Finding a medium would be healthier, of course. This isn't a very helpful post. Just letting you know that I completely understand the feeling.

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