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02/03/2010 02:05 PM

brain mass in pineal gland

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hello everyone,

i am new to this group , but not to the site. i usually am on chronic pain site bc a couple years ago I had a spinal cord tumor surgery. i also have syringomyelia and now a brain mass in pineal gland.

i sometimes don't know how much we are supposed (or can) handle as human beings. i live with horrible pain from my spinal cord tumor....nerve, skeletal muscular pain and spasms, etc..

just wanted to share and let folks know we are not alone.

if anyone knows more about pineal gland masses, please do share. much appreciated... Smile

bye for now, amy


02/24/2010 05:12 AM
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Amy, I have often asked the same question, but, just when I am ready to give up, out of the blue, I find someone I feel is worse than me and suddenly my problems don't seem so big. I've been dealing with my issues for 44yrs

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