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12/15/2010 05:42 AM

Pull the Plug on Vietnam Veterans


Pull the Plug

I spent hours yesterday afternoon sprawled out on the floor with back pain so bad I lost consciousness. A few hours later the phone rang it was my wife's office asking if I was coming to pick her up. The pain has lessened enough to let me roll over and use the walls to get to the car and pick her up. US Military Veterans cannot get a response from the VA unless political pressure from a politician needing to improve their image to the public speaks. Ask not for your government to help you unless you can do something for them first. I ask all to send a copy of this letter to NH-DMV, police, NH governor and the VA. I send them a copy. The public threatens to help DMV or others to take me down seem to be why newspapers justify to not printing my letters of government wrongs. A 100% disabled US Military Veteran unable to get medical care unless an ambulance at great expense to the public takes me to a civilian hospital emergency room. I speak up, ask your self how many other US Military Veterans are left on the street or die because the VA does not listen. Ask why the VA will give DMV an appointment for me to get a test but I have to wait one year to get on a list just to get an appointment. I cannot even get an appointment at the VA clinic in Somersworth NH until January only then if they find a doctor that will see a veteran that's medical file is RED FLAGGED.

Can this be happening in the United States of America to a combat related disabled veteran? A Veteran that stands up and presents a case of documented evidence to the NH Supreme Court of judicial crimes by Judge Peter Fauver. The NH-SC believes it can protect it's own by not hearing the case. The case is of the Madbury NH selectmen using government powers to steal from local residents for self-gain. I refuse to stop volunteering my time and expenses to help this family when ordered to stop writing of government wrongs. The newspapers protect the government by censoring my opinion letters of government wrongs. NH government harms my character by claiming that under the Patriot Act this US Marine volunteering to help other US citizens is a terrorist. The Newspapers suck up on this front page but when the charges are dropped refuse to inform the public. My four service connected disabilities are so bad at times while in a flashback attempts on my own life have happen. Can the VA be so powerful that denying a 100% combat related disabled veteran medical care is now the norm?

Think of how it will be for today's US Military Veterans coming home as the power of a department who's only directive is to help veterans increases by newspapers censorship. How many hours will today's disabled US Military Veteran have to spend on the floor in pain just to die by neglect of the nation the veteran did it for? What if next they lessen the rights of the average citizen to protect judges? Send a copy to Peter Fauver and the Madbury selectmen they cannot stop my words because they are the truth. And that is why I can publicly speak of these crimes.

Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper fi

465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

PS newspaper censorship is not only hurting US Military Veterans but also the public too.


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