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06/05/2010 07:56 PM

A total mess

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Hi My name is Jacqualyn..where to start..

Im so confused Im not sure where to start. I have fibromyalgia and just recently had to face the other demon in the room...ME...

I was diagnosed with Co-Dependance/Borderline personality when I was 23... I decided to ignore here I am 40 with two young adult girls and a third husband of 16 yrs (God Bless HIM). I see the mess I have made of my daughters and it kills me..I see the pain I cause my husband and yet he carries on loving me no matter...

Im looking for some friends and guidance in this new journey. I dont have insurance so Im limited with what I can and cant do. Any info on meds or whatever is very welcome..

Thanks Unsure


06/05/2010 08:09 PM
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Well depending on where you live i think you can get help for the money situation. Like here in charlotte if you have a low income you can get free health insurance for major medical problems such as this. You should try to look into that and see what state benefits you can get.

Also unfortunately i'm not a professional but I am someone to talk too. If you have questions i've found that i'm pretty good at finding information. Sometimes it helps to have someone to just talk to and let out all your emotions. Especially someone who has the same thing as you, and you know won't judge you for it. I hope this helps a little.

06/05/2010 08:51 PM
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Hello!! Jacqualyn.and welcome! You will find some great people and support here, and being able to connect with people that are going through what you are dealing with is so helpful!

You can often find people on here at all times to talk, and I am only a PM away. Welcome!

06/05/2010 10:44 PM
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HI Jacqualyn. Sorry you are having such a tough time. It really sucks when you have to deal with the guilt of what you have put someone else through, even if you never meant to and you didn't know any other way to cope. Try to stay positive about yourself though. Good for you for having a loving supportive family. Hope we can help each other here!!!

06/06/2010 05:53 AM
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Hi Jacqualyn and welcome! It sounds like you ended up lucky and found someone who truly loves you and sticks with you no matter what. That's a blessing in itself.

Since you asked about meds, you may want to scroll down and read through some of the feedback from others at the link below: discussions

The third section discusses meds, but unfortunately, not the same things seem to work for everyone.

I just wanted to say, "HI and Welcome!"

06/06/2010 07:41 AM
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Hi Jacqualyn,

I unerstand your pain and struggle. I have no insurance either and had to finally pay out of pocket for my mental health services. I am a single, unemployed mother of 3 so it was a difficult decision to make. I was diagnosed with BPD and placed on Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 25 mg for two weeks then 50 for two weeks then 100 for a month....then back to the Dr to pay her again to possibly up my meds. It is very expensive for me and my first visit with my meds will cost me $441. I'm praying this works because I feel like my life is falling apart. I am also concerned for my children. I can see how my issues are affecting them. My advice to you would be to do what you need to do to get to a Psychatrist that can diagnose you and perscribe you some meds. You may have to sacrafice something, but your family will probably appreciate it. And secondly, take every opportunity to praise that wonderful husband of yours for sticking by your side and loving you through your pain. It takes a real strong man to stick it out as he has. You are very bless to have him and you should make sure he knows it!

Good Luck and stay strong.


06/07/2010 08:15 AM
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Welcome. I know the struggle you have gone through. I am 60 and wan only diagnose a couple of years ago. I am new here, too, but have already found resources that have been helpful, especially about helping with anxiety coping strategies. I hope you can also find resources in your own community.

06/08/2010 03:47 PM
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Hi and a belated welcome to you, Jacqualyn! We're a pretty supportive bunch here on the forum. Feel free to ask questions, share, listen, or just plain vent!

06/08/2010 05:19 PM

Hey Jacqualyn Welcome!Smile

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