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04/11/2012 08:53 PM

Missed you guys!

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So I missed you guys. Sorry for not being around much lately. Things have been rough. My mom had a heart attack so my husband and I went home to mo to deal with family issues. I have a brother who is a quad from being hit by a drunk driver four years ago so I had to take care of him and make sure my mom was ok. Now were home and Im stressing big time. Tomorrow my husbands lawyer is meeting with the DA and we are praying that all charges get dropped. Its so frustrating because he could have been promoted this month but since we are waiting for all this legal crap to be over he cant get promoted. I know hes so mad at me because its all my fault. I submitted all I could to the lawyer so all I can do now is pray. Our trial is set for July but if he will drop charges tomorrow I can breath a sigh of relief. Therapy is going well, the dbt is great. Im feeling well just anxious about our legal issues. Anyway good to be back hope all is well with everyone else. Im adding a pic of my family below, I missed them so much. [img]

04/11/2012 09:06 PM
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I hope everything works out!


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