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07/15/2010 11:02 PM

have anyone ever heard of Dr. Leland M. Heller's?

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He is suppose to be one of the best, practically performing miracles with mentally ill patient and people all over the world goes to see him. Made an appointment to go see him after a former patient of one of my current Dr. went to see him and she it doing better than fantastic. Any in site any one, will gratefully appreciate it? I'm pretty desperate...



07/16/2010 03:09 PM
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Sorry, but I've never heard of him. As you can tell, I did a search on him and it looks like the reviews from his patients are pretty good.

I also found this: profiles/dr-md-reports/dr-leland-heller-md-54e6a0dc/ background-check

This did confuse me since the site that led me to this information had him listed as doing botox and more appearance type things. The address and phone number is the same. But keep in mind that having a malpractice suit doesn't always mean that the Dr. isn't a good one.

Maybe you can unscramble my findings because I'm confused. Sorry I couldn't be of help to you.

07/17/2010 01:13 PM
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I looked up a Leland Michael Heller who practiced in Okechobee Fla but his disciplinary record costs $25 bucks. Before you go whole hog for a doc with a malpractice background it would probably be worth the $25 to know exactly what he did or did not do. It is true that some doctors can be cited for malpractice for the "off label" use of drug (the FDA has not approved them for use the way the doctor wants to use them). Some docs feel the risk of not using them is less to the patient than the risk of using them. This is a way a doctor can be trying to do a good thing and yet incur a malpractice suit. You need to know the specifics of every case to determine whether he is someone willing to risk his license to help you or just a quack. I don't advocate breaking the law to treat patients. But if I were dying of cancer I would appreciate someone going out on a limb for me. Some published studies of drugs can tell you if they are being tested for use in certain illnesses and whether these drugs have FDA approval for the specific treatment of an illness.

07/19/2010 10:25 AM
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This doctor might be really good, but I am suspicious of any "miracle cure." And my general feeling is that a good doctor will not need to advertise, because they will get plenty of referrals. Also, everybody reacts to medications differently, and especially with an illness like borderline, there is no "one size fits all." One of the most important things I look for in a psychiatrist is someone who will listen to me and be available when I have questions about how the medication is effecting me. At any rate, there is one really good bit of advice on his website - no matter what medications you are taking, therapy is also really important.

10/07/2013 10:57 AM
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It may be too late however I just happened across this post. I have BPD and have been a patient of Dr. Heller's for over 12 years. The man is a GENIUS, he is loving, kind hearted, incredibly intelligent and is the ONLY doctor in over 20 years of seeking help that has EVER been able to stabilize me. I have been through phases of being under medicated, over medicated and unmedicated and I was referred to him by a family member over 12 years ago. I drive over 3 hours to see him and will until the day he retires! Simply stated, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. After 12 years, I could go on and on however, know that I am personally in the medical field and have never met or worked with a physician as genuine and dedicated as him, he is one in a gazillion!

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