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02/20/2012 09:41 PM

February, 21, 2012


Have a terrific Tuesday!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful day with low pains and happy thoughts!

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02/21/2012 02:58 AM
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02/21/2012 03:51 AM
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good morning,

bf9 yes, i got wednesdays off, i am off work til friday!!! funny thing is, i dont have my tue/thur class this week at all! my professor is on a conference out of state!

once again i am up at 6 am, and have nowhere to be until 2 pm, lmao.

i am not feeling well this morning, i woke feeling awfully nauseated, took some tums, and my tummy has been grumbling since then, that was 3 am. ugh, i want the belly ache to go away soon Sad

i woke up sweets accidentally, we fell asleep on the couch together last night then he moved to his lazy-boy chair so we were both in the living room.

mum came over had some of sweets' good cookin. then she brought a frozen cheesecake! we ate it frozen, but then the next piece was better thawed out! super yum yum - o

im gonna go now.


02/21/2012 07:58 AM
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Good morning or at least morning!!!

Areusam where you be???

Feeling a bit vertigoish this morning and nauseas but it will pass eventually!! Like the gorilla pic that is how I use to feel going to work each day even though I loved my job! I am grateful for how things are now, I don't wake up already dreading the day. Tired brain feels a trifle bit foggy.

Pf hope your tummy feels better quickly!!!

Bf9 and angel hope you have a fantastic day sweet ladies!!!



02/21/2012 08:32 AM

painfooled, Hope that your tummy feels better.

Naomi, Hope that you feel better too.

Well...I am feeling rather icky and I am still in bed.


I am going to stay here and just rest today.

Hope that everyone has a lovely day! Wink

02/21/2012 08:36 AM
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Good morning Peeps! I are here! Slept late this morning. Woke up in the middle of the night to take my thyroid med and it gave me reflux. Did not fight it so I got up and folded laundry and did another load. Woke up about the time hubby and doggies were coming back to bed. How could I get up then?

Now back up and finishing up on the laundry. I bought hubby some brand new shirts and was washing them for the first time last night and would you know that I left lipstick in my jeans pocket! Luckily, only one of the shirts got lipstick on it. Going to try stain remover. Anyone have any magic tricks before I start working on it? I need suggestions.

Angel, do you ever sleep?

Pf, what are you going to do with all that free time. You have too much energy for that. Cheesecake sounds wonderful. Yum.

Naomi, hope that you have a wonderful day with those babies. Give them a kiss for me. Oh I love kids. (Not in a creepy way! LOL)

Guess the others are busy this morning, which is good. I do my best work in the afternoon.

My dryer is calling me.

Everyone have a beautiful day filled with wonderful sunshine.


02/21/2012 09:02 AM

NO! That is the problem....I don't sleep.

That is what I have been trying to tell you!! W00t W00t W00t

I want to sleep I am so tired but my body and or mind does not allow me to sleep. It is beyond frustrating!!

NO I am NOT having a sleep study done. Don't want to! Angry Blink

Anyways...try using some Shout spray on the shirts! Wink

02/21/2012 09:07 AM

I am going to try to sleep now...enjoy the day everyone! Wassat


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