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02/20/2012 08:39 PM

MONDAY 2-20-12(page 3)


I am in so much pain right now...My Sciatica kicked in and I am so uncomfortable and I have piercing pain in my right lower back and right hip.

OMG! THIS SUCKS! Sad Wassat Sad Blink

My legs hurt too!

Then it will switch to the other side. This is ridiculous!

I just wanna cry!

Blush Sad Dizzy

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02/20/2012 09:08 PM
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Hi Ladies...sorry I got on so late. I've been sleeping a lot today trying to catch up for all the stuff I did last week.

Aww...Angel sorry you are going through that. I've had sciatica...It ain't no picnic! :/

Hope you are resting and getting a little relief. I used to go to a chiropracter for mine ...I think that's how it got better.

Naomi! I am So sorry you are having these awful flashbacks and racing thoughts. All I can tell you as that I have been there...definately. It's what got me to go to treatment-counsling and meds. I still have them sometimes. Just please take good care of yourself. Take it easy and just try to breathe. Please message me if you need to talk. I might have some ideas that could help. I hope. God Bless.

Sam~sorry you weren't able to get your painting done. I think you are your husband's relationship is really cute. I like how you are all..he's in charge there so I let him do it. ha ha ha. We know who's really in charge! JK Adorable.

Barb, You are adorable. It's so cool when people post their pictures and we can see what you look like. I am a chicken about that. I'll post my pict anywhere but here...only because of the subject matter. It's great to see you!

PF~How are you doing my dear? Sorry you were feeling restless this morning. Here's to hoping you have a better day tomorrow. Did you get your work day Wednesday was it off? So you could focus on school? I hope so. That was a long day. Smile

Hockeymom! So good to see you on here. We've missed you. Hope you can sneak on and see these posts. Ifnot, we'll see you when you get back...have a good time k? Smile

I hope I haven't missed anyone. Everyone, I hope you have low pains tomorrow and a good day.

02/20/2012 09:33 PM


Thanks! Just having a bad night. Sorry to be such a complainer.

Sleep well and sweet dreams. Hope that Gremmie is okay.

Talk to you soon! Smile

02/20/2012 09:38 PM
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No worries...and thank you so much. Gremmie is doing so much better now. He's just resting a lot and being a sweetie. ttys

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