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08/19/2010 05:17 AM

Bipolar Support in VA

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Hello all, Well I am new to the group however not to MDJunction. I have just recently became an active member again. I am here because the area I live in does not offer any true support groups for people suffering from Bipolar disorder. There's a group for our spouses!!!! Just not us!

So I am here looking for added support but also in search of other people in the HAMPTON ROADS area who are in need of something a little extra. I have organized a local support group for people with Bipolar disorder to meet regularly for support and well fun with people who can relate.

So, Im looking for new friends from all over the world but if you are in my area please contact me, Id love the chance to introduce you to my group.

Thank you


08/20/2010 10:39 PM
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Sorry I haven't been on the board in the last couple of weeks. I am not in your area. I commend you for establishing a support group though. You can really make a difference in a lot of peoples lives. And you're right, we all need to reach out to each other and share our stories and help each other when we're down. I am just at the stage of accepting my pdocs dx. Recently dx'd. Last visit asked her how she came up with it, as I donot have lots of the hypomanic symptoms. She told me you can be bipolar and the hypomanic stage can be so insignificant that I might not even be aware of it. It wasn't that I was horrified at the dx, I just didn't know a lot about bp2. I told here call it what you will, bp2 label doesn't bother me, I just want to get better. FYI I am on Prestiq, Lamictal, Clonapin, Abilify and very new med that is similar to wellbutrin called Aplenzin. She's had very good luck with it for people who have treatment resistant depression, which I am. So far, I have started to feel the difference. I've started to make plans and exercize and in general feel more able to cope.

Hope to hear from you again, take care. xx hedap


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