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01/16/2010 11:46 AM

Manic energy + fibro


Its so hard to feel better with the fibro when you're manic!

I've been feeling manic the past few days and it is really doing a number on me. When I start getting the hyper parts of my bipolar I do things that I normally and shouldn't do heh. Like break out in random dance moves that end up making my body hurt. Not to mention that I am barely getting 4 hours of sleep a night!

I think the mania is one of the hardest parts about having both disorders. When I start getting manic is when it all goes down hill. The sudden burts of energy makes me feel/think that I can do things that I normally couldn't/wouldn't. Like the dancing heh.

Anyone else want to share any of their problems they face with having both disorders? Anyone else break out in dance and then regret it later lol.


01/17/2010 03:56 PM
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Yes, Elli, I too have times where I have bursts of energy and then Whammo, it's consequences time! I have tried to modulate my energy when I get hyper -- doing some of what I want to do, but then cutting it short before I hit the wall. That, and keeping a sleep chart helps. I take a sleeping medication, without which I would probably not sleep at all, or sleep very little. Anyway, the reason the chart helps is that it shows both me and my pdoc. what my sleep rhythms are over each month and it makes it very real for me to see where and whether I've gotten enough sleep or not. If I don't get enough sleep (less than 7-and-a-half to 8 hours) the pain increases. And the fewer the hours of sleep the greater the pain consequences. Also, there's the brain fog and memory difficulties as well. They don't improve without enough sleep as well.

You might want to try keeping a sleep chart yourself and show and/or discuss it with your pdoc. Perhaps a tweak in meds. could help you in keeping a more steady and healthy flow of energy.

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03/29/2010 08:50 PM
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I haven't learned how to balance the manic energy with the fibro pain, which is exactly why I'm suffering right now. If I make the mistake of getting regular coffee instead of decaf, that will trigger a manic phase for me, then I try to go for a walk in the park instead of sitting quietly and watching everyone else walk. Well, I forgot and had regular coffee with hazelnut creamer this morning and walked a little. In 10 minutes time, I was limping and have suffered extreme pain the rest of the day. Before my fibro got bad, I could and did walk 3 miles a day about 4 days a week plus I would swim everyday. I just can't do that now. And I'm having a real hard time with that. I would be happy if I could walk 1 mile a day now.

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