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05/24/2010 07:59 PM

How rude of me....

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I've been on for a few weeks and never introduced myself. I am Renee.....a Boston Terrier lover! I was diagnosed BP1 after being hospitalized in 2009. I suffered from several bouts of depression since college. I am a rapid cycler - sometimes daily and when I get lucky it is every few days or weeks.

I tried putting a pic but get an error everytime sorry.

I do go to a support group on Monday nights that is great. I feel this site is very helpful and have recommended it to the group tonight. Hopefully we will have some new peeps from Western New York coming soon.

Looking forward to much posting,

BT Lover


05/24/2010 08:08 PM
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WELCOME Renee! I don't know about the pic problem, but you could contact a group leader about it. That's great that you have a support group that you go to. Looking forward to getting to know you!! Hugs

05/24/2010 08:15 PM
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Thanks Joy...hey that's my middle name Smile

05/24/2010 08:27 PM
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Welcome Renee,

We are happy you found this group and find it to be a helpful place. We all have this as a safe place to be ourselves without judgement, yet accountability. Each of us live with BP and this can be a great place to seek out the wisdom and experience of some really great people. Thanks for spreading the word, the bigger our group becomes the more exposure we get on MDJ! Look forward to your future post.

A Cool

05/25/2010 06:39 PM

Hi Renee. My name is Stacey I have BP2 and I am just finding my "cocktail" Been up and down and all around lately, but seem to finally have found some stability. Look forward to seeing you around.

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