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03/16/2010 01:23 PM

hello, i'm jackie and i'm 57 years old.

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i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 4 years ago and my doctor, a psychiatrist, thinks it is under good control but i still have lows that make me just want to sleep all day and highs that get me in trouble financially. my doctor doesn't want to change the meds i'm on, but i think i need something more than lexapro, abilify, strattera, and lunesta (i don't sleep at night). how do i convince him that it's just not working?

03/16/2010 04:36 PM
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Welcome and hello. I don't see a traditional mood stabilizer listed in your meds. I'm no doctor, but bipolar people need a mood stabilizer. I believe that Abilify is an antipsychotic which is used for manic and mixed episodes with bipolar I. I took that from their website.

You might ask your pdoc to switch you to a traditional mood stabilizer like lithium, Depakote or Lamictal. Lamictal is good for depression too. It has few side effects. I take Lamictal and lithium, but I am med resistant.

I am not a doc, but I have learned a lot through reading and other people on this site. I hope that this helps. Good luck.

03/18/2010 10:41 AM
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I couldnt agree more about the mood stabilizer. It is a key ingredient to any med cocktail for a Bipolar person. I would suggest talking to your pdoc about it and seeing what they say.

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