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02/05/2010 07:09 AM

Pregnant and bi-polar...unmedicated

mammalaneyPosts: 1
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Hi! I'm 38 and pregnant w/ third and my oldest is only 3 yrs old... I have been unmedicated for about 6 years but am really having a hard time this time around...Anyone else in my position? or has been?

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02/06/2010 04:00 PM
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I was not diagnosed during either of my pregnancys. I had a difficult time during them both. I made it through, but it was not easy. Being pregnant seems to have some antisuicidal effect.

Have you tried taking Omega 3's? They take weeks to help, but they are supposed to help a little. I have also heard, but I don't know if it's trues, that mercury isn't found in the oils of fish, only the meat.

02/06/2010 09:48 PM
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i agree w/the omega 3's, basically just sufficient vitamins in general and although I had the world's worst pregnancy (will NEVER do it again) i did take zoloft and strattera because bipolar hadn't been diagnosed yet and it was just depression, anxiety and adult ADHD. That being said i would just recommend talking to your OB to see what they think, stress on mommy is far worse for the fetus than a lot of the meds out there are. -i too am not a doctor and just speaking from personal experience here!

03/01/2010 07:31 AM
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Hi and welcome. With my second child I was bipolar (undiagnosed) and had a very hard pregnancy. That was 16 years ago. (I wish I could say that she was easier to deal with now but she isnt). I agree with the advice given above. Omega 3's are supposed to be very good when you are unable to take medications. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing! We will be here for you!

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