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04/25/2012 10:56 AM

Lies? Do you think you ever get lied to?

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I'm seriously wondering if my tdoc and pdoc are lying to me about a couple of things. I think they don't believe things that I say so in order to coerce me to make changes they tell me little white lies.

I had been drinking only 1/2 to 1 drink per day for a couple of weeks and I told them that this is a reduced amount and that I was proud of it. It happens that I became hypomanic at that time and they started blaming this measly amount of alcohol for the mood episode. That and they implied that my recent pursuit of pleasure instigated the episode. To me, that is bull shit. I think my hypomania started when the pursuit of pleasure began. So, now they want me to quit alcohol completely and not go after pleasurable things.

Do you think your tdoc or pdoc ever lied about something to you to get you to make a change?


04/25/2012 02:28 PM
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I don't feel that my pdoc lies to me but her and my case manager blew my altering my med dosages out of the water. I was so upset. I was afraid to take more Geodon than what I am taking because I found stuff on the web stating how bad the withdrawals are. I didn't stop taking anything, I just didn't go up to the next level of dosage. Their approach knocked me way back and made me feel like I hadn't accomplished a damn thing, when in reality, I have accomplished a lot!

Alcohol is a depressant and with what you are drinking now compared to what you were drinking before, I don't see why they are getting all crunk about it. You have cut way back and yes, they should be as proud of you as you are. Those baby steps are very important to us. The thing is that I don't understand how it could trigger a manic episode unless that is part of the pattern. Of course, the objective is to not drink at all but it is very challenging to not self-medicate. Trust me, I know.

I know this isn't quite the same thing but I can understand the frustration and such involved.

Good job on cutting back!! Smile You are almost there. Smile

Hang in there.


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