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04/24/2012 05:39 AM

Mixed Episode & can't stand to be touched

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*I accidentally posted this in Bipolar II group as well*

I have been going through a mixed episode since October 2011 and cannot stand to be touched. I can deal with a hug, but no sexual touching whatsoever. In fact the thought of sex turns me OFF.

I had been taking numerous meds for "fibromyalgia" when in fact it turned out to be the Blood pressure medication I was on was causing me horrible joint and muscle pain. I developed angio-edma one night and was immediately yanked off of all meds & put on steroids to control the swelling in my face. SEVERE MANIC EPISODE ensued. Since then, i have been trying to "come down" from all the medications. I was taking 2800mg Neurontin, 120mg Cymbalta, a blood pressure med, Vicodin & naproxen for as needed pain, 10mg Flexeril for back issues, & then switched to 5mg Zyprexa & 20 mg Cymbalta plus .5mg Klonopin for severe anxiety in December. Since February I have stopped all of those as well. Plus i quit smoking which causes insomnia, so i have not been sleeping WELL since the beginning of March. I average 4-5hrs a night.

In the past month I have been on 50mg Zoloft + 600mg Lithium which made me sicker than a dog. Tried Saphris, but it made me wanna run a marathon after taking it. I have tried 150mg Seroquel XR but it makes my throat really tight, made me very constipated & spiked my blood pressure as well, so it was dropped to 50mg. See the pdoc today and am pushing to get off this and try something else like Lamictal.

I'm tired of not sleeping, and the "no touching" is putting a huge strain on my relationship. I have NO sexual desires and the thought of having to perform and just got it done, sickens me. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Is this "normal" for a mixed episode? HELP!!!


04/24/2012 09:35 AM
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I am truly sorry for the way you feel. I too have mixed episodes at times. I have little sexual desire for my wife. I really don't know if this normal or not.

I have also been on a lot of combinations of meds and I am sick of it. Right now we are on 9 meds, one of which I ran out and can't get it until Friday. I am feeling the withdrawal and it is making indecisive. In other words I can't make decisions for my self at times. I am also experiencing "brain zaps" too.

It sounds like you have been on a lot of meds and cominations. Lamictal has been good to me and I hope it works for you.

Welcome to the group and keep posting.

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04/24/2012 10:00 AM
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I take paxil,lamictal,klonopin,and zyprexa and have been pretty stable for years now since I stopped drinking. I can get up to 12 hours sleep with the zyprexa. I am retired so that is not a problem. Mixed episodes are the worst and when I get that way it is pretty mild and I can still function. Welcome to the group. You will meet lots of people here gong through the same things you are. We are very supportive and friendly. I hope you enjoy MDJ as much as I do. It has become part of my life and I post every day.

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