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12/14/2011 03:38 AM

manic again(page 2)


Barelymanic, A few months ago I was in a mixed state, it was horrible. Seems to me though at that time I was a little more sensitive to other people feelings.. I FLY right off the handle in the state i am in now... I think my best friend is trying to ignore me when I call and my brain starts all these crazy ass scenarios.

It is way more than I can explain. BUT I AM DOWN RIGHT PARANOID!!! My husband says I am just being paranoid.

Texasyankee, I think that is a good idea writing the letters and then deleting them! Like you give it to god to handle. I will have to try that. Thanks ! Smile

Aravis, I am not looking forward to the downward spiral I know is coming... To me: The DEPRESSION IS THE WORST!

Wiky, I agree but no one can get me into a hospital... I always say, My pdoc can do the same thing at home. I am just afraid they will keep me there!!


12/14/2011 03:44 AM

Lovewalk, I did not see your last post... Dang that really stinks about the water pipe. I really hate the unexpected! Throws me right into a rage! The worst part about what you said was not being able to get a hold of your fiance.. Your confidant! Hope all is getting better for you now! Have a great day tomorrow! if thats possible.. Smile

12/14/2011 12:40 PM
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thankyou very much horned halo. I am doing my best. he will be home tomorrow and I absolutely can't wait.

12/14/2011 12:49 PM

Smile Smile Smile

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