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11/03/2010 04:34 PM


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I got out of the hospital a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to get a handle on things. My parents seem to think that since I'm out of the hospital, everything should be better. I should be able to get on with life, be happy and smile again. And I WANT to. But its just not that easy. Nothing ever is. I feel like I don't have people who actually care about me. No one asks me how I'm really doing. They don't want to get past "How are you?" "Fine, how are you?" "Fine." No one does. And its wearing me out. I'm trying not to be a downer around everyone. But acting like I'm okay is tearing me apart. I can't find an escape from myself. And just when I think someone cares, Snap!, they ditch me. They don't really care enough to get down to the actual issues I'm facing. They see my scars, but they don't want to know the story. They ignore the fact that they are even there. They don't want to listen to me. And it just tears me apart.

I know the people on here care. That's what they are there for. But its not the same as having a hand to hold. A shoulder to cry on. Its just not the same.

How can I escape?

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11/03/2010 04:40 PM

My therapist brought up going to a Bipolar group that meets in person. I feel the same as you I hold it in and put on a happy face and then just feel like I want to scream or cry. My therapist helps a lot too. It is the one place I can just melt and tell the truth for once. Like you said we are here as much as we can be too

11/03/2010 04:55 PM
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So, there used to be a Bipolar support group in my hometown. But the guy who ran it died and they discontinued it. I don't think there are any here at my school town. So, I tried, but no success. :/. I talk to my psychologist here at school quite a bit, and she always helps. But there's just so much that goes on without her there. Its hard to combine everything that troubles you in an hour with the therapist. I don't know. I want help, but its barely available.

11/04/2010 05:07 AM
LisacomisaPosts: 903
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I think it is possible your family just doesn't know what to say. I am not sure it is because they do not care. When someone asks how you are doing give them a detailed honest answer. The ball is in their court to respond not yours to fake it.

I hope you can find a support group in your college town. You therapist might know of one. I am sorry you are feeling this way. Keep reaching out help is out there don't give up.


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