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10/15/2010 08:10 PM

Question I was Asked.

SergeantKPosts: 161

Today I was asked a question that I have never consiously(spelling $50 word) thought about.

The question was Do I think this site helps me?

And that is what got me to thinking. The answer flowed out of my fingers like water from the tap.

In the last month I have been through so much. all starting with an argument with my wife that could have been a lot worse than what it was. followed but checking in to a clinic for a week, dealing with meds, and their ups and downs. Finding out that I was bipolar and learning that it is not at all what I thought it was. And Finaly as of last night giving up on a marriage that I swore I would fix. Reailzeing that I was holding on to a float hat had holes in it.

As I was thinking about all of this, I began to smile, because the people of MDJ have been there at my side through every single High and Low. Thank you.

I know that is just the beginning and that there are a lot more rough times ahead of me, but I also know that I can count on you all in my time of need. If it be for advise, aventing post, or a paverbal sholder to cry on.

Last of all I would like to put out a special Thank You and love to Joy, Dit, Bipolarone, Stacey, Allpath, mom. You have offered, and given me most of the energy to get out of bed, when I wanted to jsut be in a dark cave away from everyone.

Thank you



10/15/2010 08:19 PM
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I have never consciously thought about that myself actually. I love this place. It has become my everyday place to go. I am stable and I give more advice than I receive, but I will at one time need it and I know that people will be here for me. That's just the kind of people that are here. You really have been through a lot in the short time that we have known you and you have really come far. I am really proud of you. You are doing so much better and you should pat yourself on the back. I'm so glad a smile came to your lips. That is a good feeling and it's a great pleasure to be one of the people to make that happen. No thanks is needed, that is what we are here for, but you are very welcome. I'm glad we have been able to help you. Keep it up, we will be here for you the whole way through. You can count on us.

10/16/2010 04:26 AM
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What you just thanked me for is the reason I come to this forum. I have been battling this disorder alone for so long. When I decided to fight back and get educated on what bipolar really is like living with it day in and out lead me here. I didn't want to read a doctors opinion about the findings they came up with based on research they observed from people diagnosed with bipolar, I wanted first hand knowledge from others that share the same experiences with it I have. This forum has helped me so much in knowing I am not alone with bipolar. I think we have all made similar mistakes along the way. I am honored to be among one of those you thank because I have only been apart of this forum for going on 3 weeks but have felt like I have always belonged since day one. Joy was the first one to welcome me aboard and as I read she always gives such great advice on the subject at hand. But no matter what we are each going through the group of people on here is so supportive to one another and always has the best intentions. I thank you for sharing your life with us because knowing there is someone to turn to happy or sad is very comforting for me anyway. In the end we all want the same thing for each other which is to know you are not alone in this fight with bipolar and no matter what there is a place you can go and get the support we all sometimes so desparately need. I wish you nothing but luck and bipolar love on this journey we are all taking together...

10/16/2010 05:52 AM

You are more than welcome! As you know in my case it goes right back at you. It has been a mutual leaning on eachother LOL. I feel exactly like you about this site. Support and friendship beyond what I had ever expected.

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