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06/28/2010 02:39 PM

What are you thankful for ???


Haven't been feeling great so I decided from a friend here to start looking at all that I have not what I don't.

I have a loving family. My parents care and would do anything for me.

I have 4 furry babies that love me no matter my mood. They are great napping partners too.

I have a beautiful house and all the necessities I need.

I have friends close although they are busy they are here for me, and I can call on them at any time.

2 cute kiddo that light me up and frustrate me ( hey that is their job right?)

I have all of you on here that I can tell even my most disturbing thoughts to and most of you understand.

Well that helps a bit...I need to change my outlook on my life. I figure we all need to appreciate what we do have once and awhile.


06/28/2010 03:01 PM
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1. My two children, without whom I don't know if I'd still be here today.

2. My friends here on MDJ. You're the family I never had in real life.

3. The swimming pool. She's always there for me to keep me afloat. She helps me get the exercise I need, and my muscles are coming back...stupid shoulder doesn't like it, but tough shit. Smile

4. My gran. While I don't enjoy EVERY minute, I enjoy enough of them that I want to take care of her for as long as I can.

06/28/2010 03:39 PM
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My job, my house, my car, my son, my family, my friends.

06/28/2010 05:25 PM
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My church, my kids, my home, my job, my friends and extended family.

06/28/2010 11:30 PM

When I am getting unhappy or in self pity I do a gratitude list. It has to be a page long and by the end of it I ALWAYS get a shift in my perspective and see the glass half full instead of half empty.

I am grateful for sobriety, god, my kids, sanity, some self esteem, my home, my work, food on the table, I once was homeless, unemployable and no food for three years (well I must of ate something but cant remember what), I am grateful I live in Australia, my friends,I am grateful I have two arms that work, two legs that work, I can see and hear, am also grateful I am teachable, that has helped me immensely to meander thru this life..

06/28/2010 11:58 PM
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I am thankful for my hubby who has been my supporter, my soft spot when the world gets hard, my best fan, he gently brings me back down to earth when I need it, but best of all he's been able to ride the storms of my disease and still love me.

I'm greatful for my rat pack. I have 4 loveable squishy's who depend on me to supply everything for them. No matter how crummy I feel, I have to take care of them every day. The silly things they do can get a grin out of me even in my darkest moods.

Ya gotta love the things that love back.

06/29/2010 01:25 AM
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Very cute, Odssy! Smile

06/29/2010 05:36 AM
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OMG, odssy, they are SO adorable! I am thankful for my dogs. I'd be so alone without them.

07/20/2010 05:40 PM
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kathie111, I made a gratitude list similar to that rule was it had to be 50 things. it really does help.

some of the things on my list include my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. also, my dogs, music, my church family, and being able to go to a good school.

08/01/2010 02:25 PM
crazyblondePosts: 360

I am greatful to have a roof over my head( a nice one)

greatful my ex husband let's me stay here after I fucked him over last gigantic episode

greatful my son just started college

greatful he visits me often and loves me after my major episode which hurt him deeply to witness.

Greatful for my mom faraway but always bails me out with money when it is important

Greatful for my Dad five hours north whom let me stay at his place five months following the worst of episodes

Greatful for my sponsor in NA

Greatful I am starting school Aug. 23

Greatful I have clothes to wear since I lost mine during the bad dpisode

Greatful my ex husband gave me a car after I totalled mine during last episode

greatful that my son's Dad rescued me from the last episode( I was a wreck)

Greatful I have make up and skin cream and lots of cosmetics since I lost them during last episode.

Greatful I have a gym membership and use it all the time

Greatful to find relief from racing thoughts in the swimming pool.

Greatful for this website

Greatful ex husband pays for the meds

Greatfuyl for pdoc

Greatful for the meds

Greatful for my beautiful garden


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