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04/29/2010 05:51 AM

Finally got some sleep but concerned

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Hi Everyone,

Finally got some much needed sleep last night mosre so out of pure exhaustion. I am not hypomanic just menopausal and in pain. I filled the Vicodin prescription and took one before bed and BANG-ZOOM I was knocked out. Laid down on the couch to finsih watching a movie and woke up there this morning at 7am feeling preety "fine". I got through the night without waking from the pain in my shoulder but my concern is my addictive personality and how these "magic" little pills take away the pain and make me sleep. Will have to be my own best "judge" when needing them in the future and ONLY take them when I really need them cause they are strong. I feel so much better with sleep-my thinking is clearer and my outlook is better for the day and my energy is back. Ready to fight the battle another day and that's OK. My love and hugs to all, CarolCool


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