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05/20/2011 06:56 AM

Email Friend Sought for Diet and Creativity

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I'm 57-years-old, female, seasonal bipolar II on lithium for over a decade.

I retired early. I like arts, sciences, drawing and photography and need to get back into the last two, but most of all I need to lose the 5 stone lithium has piled onto me over the years. I'd very much like to make an email friend (male or female) who needs daily motivation to get creative, fitter and slimmer.

I'm looking for someone like me who doesn't talk much about their inner feelings or what happened in the past. I like living in the present and new beginnings. We don't need to have to rekindle the same interests or follow the same diet or fitness regime; what counts is mutual encouragement, so I would look forward to lighthearted correspondence Smile

As I'm just turning the corner depression-wise, I hope you won't mind me asking for an off-list friend here in the first instance. I will join in properly later in the year when words come more easily to me Smile


P.S. Please PM me for contact details.

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