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06/27/2010 09:39 AM

Water weight & Lithium?

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I am wondering if Lithium causes water retention. I notice that after I take my dose I feel bloated. Today I worked out and sweat a lot and lost 4 lbs during exercise. I think my "weight gain" is from water due to the lithium.

Is this possible? Do I just need to drink more water.

I don't like salt - never have - and don't salt anything. But since Lithium is a salt, maybe that added element is causing my perceived weight gain?


06/27/2010 10:21 AM
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I agree that since Lithium is a salt that water retention is a definite possibility especially if you have never really eaten salt it might be a shock to your system.

Personally I have never been on Lithium so this is simply based on what I know about Lithium, but I know several others here are or have been on Lithium and will share their experience with you.

I hope you can help find something to alleviate the water retention!



06/27/2010 10:54 AM
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With Lithium it is a MUST to drink plenty of water during the day because it is salt based it can cause dehydration so you have to drink alot of water throughout the day to avoid that. Make sure you talk to your pdoc about how much is too much because there is a such thing. I haven't noticed any bloating or water weight since starting it over a year ago. I never was a huge water drinker but it made me crave water which was great because I had wanted to start drinking more water anyway. Wink

Good Luck!

06/27/2010 12:48 PM
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Drink lots and lots of water. Watch your salt intake also. I don't know much about the medication since I don't take it, but Stacey knows what she's talking about. She's on it and know a lot about it. Stay strong. Hugs

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