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06/02/2009 09:15 PM


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I joined well over a year ago but didn't really sign up until tonight. Glad I found you!

I am here because bipolar is kicking my ass. I am 44 and was diagnosed when I was 38. The 20 years before that I was treated for depression.

I look back at my life and all I see is a huge heap of carnage: drug/alcohol abuse, hospitalizations, job terminations, chronic unemployment, legal troubles, reckless spending sprees, divorce, a DWI, child custody lawsuit, infidelity, blah blah blah. I have no one but myself to blame for almost all of these events. And what's next? Incarceration? I'm scared.

I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself and I want to dig myself out of this hole. Meds and therapy just aren't enough. I am hoping to find some help in dealing with life's bipolar challenges. I know life can be much better, but I need motivation, coping strategies, success stories, and advice to make that happen. I really need your help. Thanks.


PS Does anyone know how to make the text here left-justified? Also, is it possible to change your username?


06/03/2009 08:28 AM
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fisrt off I will tell you how to change your name click on My profile under your picture, then on the right click on update profile then in the top middle click on contact info that is where your profile name is. Enter in your new name and hit save changes. Second WELCOME to the group. You have come to the perfect place to find support. There are many caring and supportive people here. Many of the mistakes you made in the past you will eventually need to let go of. They are exactly what I just called them Mistakes. You sound like you are trying to get your life back in order and I am confident you can do that, you just need to be too. I am here for you. Have a wonderful day!!! Smile

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