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05/29/2008 08:18 AM

Fat As Ever(page 2)

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I am sorry to hear about your weight gain. I balloned to 220 with most of the weight gaining anti-psychotics. I am down to 150 thanks to my P-Doc putting me on a combo of Lamictal and Geodon.

I also ride a stationary bike 5/week for 10 miles each day and work out with weights three days a week. I eat a low-fat diet and hardly eat junk food. I will occasionally have a greasy cheeseburger, but that's like every other month. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, a yougurt for lunch, and fish or chicken with a veggie and brown rice. Eating sensible helps...

You might want to talk to your P-doc and asking him/her if they could change your meds to a lower dose or something totally different.

It took me three years to lose that weight and I really think you can do it too...


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