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07/27/2009 06:36 PM

Studies at Natl Inst of Mental Health

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I am in a study with the National Institute of Mental Health (US) called the Family Study of Affective and Anxiety Spectrum Disorders.

Every person in my extended family has some kind of anxiety disorder; I am the only one who is bipolar (I or II no one can decide); there have been many suicides. I'm hoping this study helps the generations coming up in some way.

There are so many people here who are able to communicate well about their experiences and may be able to help in many ways.

This is kind of a weird post, but I'm struck by the wealth of living information here that could be used.

NOTE: these are only researchers looking for patterns. They do not help you with personal problems. They do not give diagnosis. They do NOT give meds or therapy unless that's part of the study.

Current bipolar studies are here: manic-depressive-illness.shtml

All current mental health studies are here:


07/28/2009 08:19 AM
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I've always wanted to participate in a study. Let us know how it goes if you don't mind.

08/10/2009 10:53 AM
ThoughtmistressPosts: 140

Thanks for that Marimac, I have bookmarked and will look into it later as its 3am and I need to sleep!

Its great that you are participating in a study. I would love to be studied, I have a lot of information I could give!

I am interested in what kind of studying they are doing with you, can you let us know more about that?

Take care, TM

08/10/2009 05:01 PM
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A lot of these studies are in Bethesda, MD. I used to work at the metro stop after the one to get to NIH and FDA. I didn't realize how much they were doing there. I bookmarked this page as well.

08/11/2009 05:33 AM
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They're based in Bethesda, but some have other centers where they are collecting patients/data. For my study, about family genetics concerning anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc., they are using people from all over. I guess since there's no med study involved they don't need to see us in person.

They took my family tree by questionnaire, took all the info they can gather about family members (a lot of suicides in my family). They have interviewed me by phone a few times (recorded over the phone) and talked to some of my family members the same way.

At some point they will take blood and/or DNA samples. They pay for a local lab to do this.

Anyway, that's how mine is going.


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