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04/27/2009 02:54 PM

relationships and dating(page 2)

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If you don't mind me asking, what happened that gave you weird vibes?

04/30/2009 08:00 PM
cyclingPosts: 9

i,m not seeing this man anymore ,it just is not working he is looking for something different than i am .we both are not what we thought so we went our ways and no one got hurt,sometime i think being single is best that away you do not have to answer to guy is interested but i am trying to hold off this dating and having your free time and being single it canm all play with your mind when you don,t know which way to go.i try to stay busy,but sometime that is not easy sometime you want someone around and sometime you don,t.i just put my life in gods hands and go day to day,he is the only one who can guide me,he knows what my future holds i don,t thats what makes it so scary about getting involved or staying single,they say some people are,nt meant to be married,only date but sometime that don,t work cause there are so many strange people now days you have to be careful,my nerves mes with me alot and sometime i have to ask ,lord do you want me to be single,there is a topic and books on singlesness,and being single and serving jesus,alotn of reasons why we should or should,nt i guess

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