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05/11/2012 02:11 PM

Woohoo im starting to feel normal.

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Havent been on here a while. Last time time was when i was dignosed which was bout march 2012. Was started on depakote. Then ended up really ill will a kidney infection as came off the depakote for 3 week. Once i was better i started on them again. Had a really bad low. Started seeing things and getting really scared. But up my meds and now 4 weeks down the line im feeling amazing. Im not having any highs (which i dont miss one bit) just normal days and then may be a few days low which im trying a antidepressant for.

Im The happness i have been in a long time. My relationship is the best its been.

So there is hope. It was hard finding the right doctor to listen. Its took me 10 year to finally to get here.

But its so worth it.

Their is a few people i couldnt of done it without.

Workers and my counseller at Platform 51 (uk)

And my doctor who listen to me.



05/11/2012 02:23 PM
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Sorry you got really ill. That must have been awful. I'm glad you are feeling so much better. You sound really positive and that is great. I'm happy that you are happy and things are going so well for you!

05/11/2012 02:51 PM

I am glad things are now working out for you after such a rough period. I hope it lasts!!!

05/12/2012 04:07 AM
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I also hope it lasts. You sound good. I'm sure it took A LOT of perseverance.

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