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03/21/2012 01:02 PM

Numbing feelings

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I have a problem with watching movies and series on end to numb my feelings. It has caused a lot of conflict in my life. A lot of shit actually. Its my drug I guess. That and eating like a pig. the fattier the better. I 'm unhappy with this part but I held on to it, because I felt I needed it. Today I decided to stop for the 105 time. Who of you struggles with addiction too and how do you cope with it?

Should I just replace it with a less time consuming or more productive numbing thing? Will it help. I like smoking, and I enjoy a drink,... which aren't options, I guess. Whistling

Actually, a question to my psychologist,... who isn't there at the moment. Why do I need numbing? Is it a bipolar depression thing? I should ask my unconscious. Who knows,... maybe dark secrets from my past will come out under hypnosis. (dracula soundtrack...) Wink

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03/21/2012 01:42 PM
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Hey there - I also binge on food to numb my feelings (but I usually purge as well). I used to drink and self-harm as well to get this effect. I would love to replace my dependency on food with something else more positive but...doing it is another matter. I guess it all just helps us to escape all the traffic that is going on in our heads. Smile I don't know if it's a bipolar depression thing but I do know that for me, it is a coping mechanism when I'm thinking and feeling things that are just too painful (hence I am more reliant on these mechanisms when I'mm depressed or mixed).

03/21/2012 04:23 PM
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i eat at night, can tell you what chinese say,, it is drop of yin,, so i do eat in day time to much, as long as i keep the brain busy with posting or some other brain numbing thing,,, i got beer in frig,, hate hangovers, i do not stop with a couple, mj just makes me hungrier, muchies,, i was a emotional eater for ever. check that what is trigger,, got another one vagus nerve, the nerve from belly to brain,, meds messes with it for sure. .

03/22/2012 12:38 AM
AdriftPosts: 17

Zoominsab, my husband and I also tend to spend our evenings sitting around watching movies and series shows. We don't have a lot of spare cash for going out, but I also worry that it is way of avoiding talking to each other about what is going on in our lives. Although I think we watch too much, I do think watching stuff that makes you laugh can be good for you. Everything in moderation, although that is often much easier said than done!

03/22/2012 01:53 AM
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Adrift, you are completely right I, also find wtching a good movie or comedy show a nessecary and enlightening thing sometimes. I guess why I love it, it makes me think.

It makes me sad to hear about your situation. The most important thing in marriage is communication, actually in every relationship. There are many ways to do stuff together without spending to much cash. How about you make a dinner dat at home or start a project together like building a shelf or what ever. I'm not a realtionship expert. But there must be a shared interest, where you don't nessecarily have to talk about the problems but about normal stuff, and maybe it will bring you nearer to each other. Maybe watch a challenging movie and have a discussion about it later on. I really appreciate your input, and I hope I did not infringe on your privacy.

This morning I had this Eureka, Isn't this behavior, this addiction, maybe also just negative reinforcement. We condition(train) our self, as a coping mechanism, to eat or watch a movie or anything that makes us happy or numbs us when we feel bad, instead of dealing with that problem and then rewarding ourselves for dealing with it. Its just like bringing up a child, often we don't cope with the child very well and if it misbehaves we give it what it wants. Maybe that's the trick to it to simply(haha, as if its simple) not to give into our urge, and set this goal of if I fight this feeling and look it into the eye or do simple tasks like wash the dishes I will reward myself. I still don't know if it'll work, but its worth a try, ain't it. Wink

Thank you IKEN and DQUEEN for giving your input. it feels as if I'm not alone in this whole dilemma. Who knows maybe we can start a support group for binge eaters.Smile

All the best though. man I hope I'LL get through this day actually doing what I'm supposed to, namely study for a history exam. Cognitive therapy, here we come: I will suceed because I deserve to suceed, because I want to suceed and because I love suceeding. Laughing


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