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02/05/2009 12:03 PM

Memory Problems

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Lately I have been having severe issues with my memory. I can have an entire conversation with someone and completely forget what I said the next day. I totally goofed today, when I went out to work with my cell phone. I had turned it off last night during my son's band concert, then I never turned it back on. Meanwhile my wife is at home with a sick child, flipping out because I am not answering text messages or calls. I just can not remember things well and it is starting to really interfere with my daily life. I am on 150 mg Lamictal, and I wonder if that is affecting me?? Anyone with similar experiences?

02/05/2009 12:23 PM
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I'm not on lamictal but I am having problems with memory and have been for a couple years. I don't know if its related to BP or just life?? I can't go anywhere without a list cuz I will forget everything I went to the store to buy. I have to put my keys in a certain place in the house or I lose them. I get very very frustrated with all this memory thing too. I wonder if it is related, in general, to BP or the meds that we are on? Anyone know?

02/05/2009 12:44 PM

I've never seen any studies on the subject, but I think having bp does affect memory to some extent. However, I don't think it needs to be an escalating, or even a permanent, situation. I believe that we forget largely because of the stress of coping with the illness while trying to lead normal lives. When we finally get the right combo of meds to stabilize us, I bet our memories improve. I noticed that mine has now that I feel my meds are working.

I've never read anything about Lamictal causing memory loss. I can't believe that it would. I trust my doctor completely and he knows that I demand a lot of myself as far as mental capability due to my work (which is very detail-intensive). I cannot believe that he would prescribe something that would affect my memory.

I wouldn't worry about things such as the cell phone issue, sweetie. Look at it this way: As recently as a decade ago, lots of people didn't even have cell phones. How did we manage in cases of emergency? We're turning everything in our lives into life-or-death crises just because we can--because being in touch with everyone at all times has become a given for us. I don't think it's healthy.

Kazoo, I also have to make lists. Trouble is, I forget to bring them to the store with me.Wink


02/05/2009 12:49 PM


I too have problems with remembering and I'm on the same dose that you are of Lamictal, 150 mg. I'll have to read the side effects warning on the package. I went to a Google search under Memory Loss, and then to

There are some suggestions to help us. One is ginko biloba, an herb, that purports to help with memory, but there is no conclusive proof. Another thing that can help is by keeping the mind active, reading and such. I like to watch Jeopardy and see if I can answer some of the questions.

There was mention in the Memory Loss search of the fact that dissociative identity disorders/schizophrenia may have some memory loss connected with the treatments for it. I really don't know if Lamictal qualifies for that, but I am pretty sure Seroquel does and I take that.

I think it's a damn good question to ask and I'm glad you did. Made me dig some.

02/05/2009 02:09 PM
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I'm having major memories problems as well. It's only my short term memory. I'm on Lamictal 400mg but for some some reason i don't think that's what it is. My kids keep telling me I'm getting old. LOL

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02/05/2009 02:24 PM

I had some memory problems,such as forgetting my phone number just blanked for a minute.I think it was the lithium but i agree with fey that stress can be a factor.When i am depressed or super anxious my memory is worse.Mind you(get it) i do have also a short attention span.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> poof"""

02/05/2009 02:31 PM

There goes that monkey again!Tongue

I have trouble remembering my phone number too. After all, we never call ourselves. Also, we're slaves to speed dial.Silly

Scooby's comment about keeping the mind active was good. I try to do that by reading voraciously. Any detail-intensive task will probably work.

Oh, yeah, monkey, anxiety plays hell with memory. How can we recall any single thing when our minds are speeding along their own information race track?

02/05/2009 03:46 PM
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I'm only 27 and I have memory issues...I have had them all of my life (I call it ADD, LOL!) so I say write shit down if it's real importantSmile

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02/25/2009 06:03 PM

hey, one of the main reasons why i'm back online is because i too am having short term memory loss, but it's more like days are blurry and some are even missing "like what did i do last Friday?" i cant remember. i think that either our brains are working so fast we fail to register whats going on around us, or we are so depresed we just dont care. i noticed that when i am depressed, i can go to work all day, look like i'm working and not do damn thing. 1) becauase i'm depressed and dont want to 2) because i cant conentrate long enough on anything to get anything done. my brain is sludge. i've been trying to do more to make me concentrate like sudoku and cryptograms to make my brain function.

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