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02/24/2012 12:02 AM

ugh ... meds meds meds

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Apparently skipping Meds for nearly a week is a bad idea.

The first 2 days I just forgot then I liked how I felt for about 2 days then the angry,irritated, critical, stressed ...(need I go on) self came out.

Needless to say I started taking them again. My little brother defiantly called me out on it too. Haha bless his heart.

Anyways, now that I threw off my whole regime hopefully it won't take to long to take effect again. I'm pretty sure these meds are hindering my motivation though.

If my pdoc didn't decide to cancel my appointment then go on vacation for 2 months maybe I could get some help!

At least if do what necessary most of the time like go to work/school but other than that I don't want to do anything. Not even run or work out I used to love those things! I don't want to talk to people I don't know the last time I had fun or let lose and craving sweets constantly is really not like me.

Can medication really be the cause of these things or is it just me?

There are a lot of positives i can tell by taking meds but sometimes I wonder if I should stop taking them entirely.

OR do I need different ones.


02/24/2012 04:24 AM
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Perhaps you need a different mix of meds if you feel so badly on the others. You shouldn't feel so bad. Please talk to your pdoc and see if you can come to an agreement on what you should take.

02/24/2012 11:09 AM
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I wouldn't stop taking the medications. You need them to get and stay stable. I'm glad you did start taking them again. I'm very proud of you. I hope that they get back into your system quickly. Yes, medications can be some of the cause of what you are experiencing. I'm not a doctor though, so it's just my opinion. I would ask your doctor to make some adjustments or changes. You shouldn't feel like this while taking medications if you are on the right ones. Don't give up, keep trying anything out there.

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