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01/17/2012 02:22 AM

What is mania/hypomania like for you?

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Hi! Smile

(I asked this question in the other bipolar forum, but I wanted to ask the bipolar II forum also)Sooooo.....

I know that mania and hypomania is different for everyone. Some people get angry and irritable, and some people get are happier and more hyper. Some people cycle quicker than others, right?

Are bipolar sufferers always more productive during hypomania? I don't feel like I am. I mean, I am an artist, so I am always "working" but I dont feel like I get super productive, its just way better than when I am depressed.

I am trying to understand this all better. I would love to hear what it is all like for you. Thanks so much!


01/17/2012 02:57 AM
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I took this from an earlier post since I didn't feel like typing it againCool

Hypo-mania manifests in many forms, for me its outgoing, talkative, forward (cut through the crap),

very open, assertive, fun, like to joke around, and sometimes a little too vocal though don't hurt anyone since I am cautious and aware when I am hypo-manic.

01/17/2012 03:27 AM
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I answered your other post and hoped it helped.

01/17/2012 05:08 AM
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I'm like Rick. I'm productive and get a lot of things done (though I don't always finish my projects that I start). I am thought of as a leader at work and confident in what I do when I'm hypomanic or even manic. Sometimes I have auditory hallucinations, but nothing serious. I talk too much and I'm hypersexual. I'm a lot of fun to be around. At the same time, though, I'm easily irritated and I snap at people sometimes. Once in a while I will get the angry, impatient, and irritated hypomania (driving will trigger this!). I get moody and my husband doesn't know what to do with me.

01/17/2012 07:07 AM
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I have both types of hypomania and it just depends on the go-round. One is super social, super productive, vibrant, hypersexual, hypercreative, I can do it all (for a few days anyway Wink The other is agitated, irritated, aggressive, reactive. I'm getting closer to being like Rick and recognizing when I am the aggressive type I need to hold my tongue. I've really hurt people I love in the past (the feelings are so real in the moment).

01/17/2012 07:30 AM
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My hypomania when it's the worst is extreme anxiety, agitation, and not being able to work. I very rarely get euphoric. Sometimes I just feel normal like. The depression part of my bp2 is REALLY bad. I have mixed states where I'm hypomanic with depression and that's when it's dangerous for me because I get suicidal ideations.

01/21/2012 05:51 AM
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My hypomania is extreme anxiety, restlessness, irritability, talking alot, awake half the night, starting projects (usually crash before finished), jittery, spend more money.

01/21/2012 01:59 PM

I have had the euphoric, hypersexual, impulsive, and not sleeping kind of hypomania. Then I have also had the extremely irritable, angry, and restless hypomania. I hate both ways because I always end up doing something to hurt someone.

01/21/2012 02:03 PM

Hypomania is baking one turkey any day during the year for the heck of it.

Mania is inviting 15 friends baking turkuckens, setting a full table, and having a meal with all the trimmings.

01/24/2012 04:51 PM
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Christian that was the best description. I laughed because it is so true.

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