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06/18/2011 05:49 AM

Father's Day is a trigger


Father's Day often throws me into a depression. Last week was the anniversary of his death and then this week....even though he has been gone a while I was so close to him.....but I am grateful that i had such a loving and special relationship with him. Anyway...need to do a dinner for my mom's husband...I like him but I hate the artificial "Let's pretend you are my step-dad". Just hard. Trying to keep my head above waters this weekend.

06/18/2011 12:01 PM

Family relations are hard for me to deal with when I am having a hard time grieving. For me it makes me less motivated, less able to connect.

My father is alive but lives far away, he is not well and had to retire. I am really sad that he lives so far away and he may not have many years left since his body is in such bad health.

Hang in there, hope the day goes well and we are here for u!

06/18/2011 08:48 PM
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You had a loving and special relationship with him which is priceless.......I'm sorry it's hard, my father is living but unfortunately, my parents don't accept me. I feel like they died sometime ago, but there is not a date, a weird and painful relationship. I'm trying to say that a treasure in life is to have had that close bond. And just to give you a verbal hug.......and you will get through the day, I hope you can smile at memories and celebrate the good times you had through them. Love, a hopeful girl

06/19/2011 02:22 AM
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Sorry to hear about your father. You will always have the special moment in your heart though. Maybe if you try thinking about it being more of a celebration of his life, and not a sad day, Father's day won't be so hard on you.

Do everything you have to to get through the day, Candjdog.


06/19/2011 05:08 AM

Thank you everyone!

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