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01/18/2011 06:46 AM

warning-major venting event!

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so i called the hospital today to confirm the timing of my appointment with a psychiatrist which i have been waiting for for about three months. in total, i have only seen a psychiatric doctor twice in the last five months or so.

the hospital proceeded to tell me that the doctor had cancelled my appointment! i have received no notification of this! upon asking why i was told:

a) you're seeing another doctor at an outpatient clinic aren't you? (! i saw one doctor once at that place who confirmed with me that i should start seeing a consultant regularly and she was recommending that as well as a medication an effort to switch me to lamictal)

b) you've been invited to a bipolar workshop haven't you? (well, yes. unfortunately i've been too busy to make this and, besides, a fricking workshop is no equivalent for one to one care!)

the guy on the phone made these two points as if they were in the manner of a plan. firstly, if this is a plan it's a pretty unsubstantial one when all i really want to do is see a pdoc and secondly, if it is a plan, it's not one anybody ever bothered to tell me about.


the guy on the phone finally resiled to speak to the consultant about why in fact the doctor had canceled my appointment.

i often laud the nhs for the guarantee of universal care but i feel like quality is suffering in my case. i've been so looking forward to this appointment and the transition to lamictal. also being able to discuss my symptoms with someone who knows.

majorly p*ssed am i.


01/18/2011 08:43 AM

How frustrating for you. Ibam sorry you have to deal with such BS. I hope something can be worked out soon. .

01/18/2011 01:52 PM
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This is ridiculous medical care. They should not have canceled you on this so called "plan". They should have called you and discussed this with you. Very unprofessional. I would be pissed too. What do you do now? Did you make another appointment? Are you going to go with a different psychiatrist? I hope you can get in somewhere soon. I know you want to try out the Lamictal. It's a really good drug. I hope you are able to see someone soon! I'm sorry this happened to you.

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